Central India Academy

From Principal's desk

                    "Education is about awakening to the power that lies within us."


There are immense possibilities for those who dare to dream and turn their dreams

into reality with determination and dedication. Following the vision of school, "to

make our students better citizens through the value of cooperation, love, self-respect

and responsibility" we are always ready to take up new challenges all the time. CIA is

one such place where students and staff grow together and realize their potential. At

CIA, our main task is to gear up students to face life situations boldly, confidently

and successfully.

To do this what they need is:

a) Good academic record.

b) Knowledge which is practical rather than theoretical.

c) Life skills i.e to think independently and creatively, to display the right kind of emotional attitude & balance and to be socially acceptable and presentable.

d) Values like honesty, sincerity, hard work, punctuality, integrity. In other words a sound value system.

e) Holistic personality which reflects, proper upbringing and leadership qualities.

f) Physical and mental strength which will help them to face life situations.

​     By focusing on the above qualities we are family hope that the students of our school will be asset to their parents, to the

society and to the nation. We believe that our students will acquire all that is needed to stand out in society and will not be

misfits. If we succeed to do this, then our students will without doubt, leave their footprints on the sands of time and create

milestones of their own in the year to come.

Mrs. Reeta Singh