Central India Academy

An open letter to parents....

The general allegation against the present system of education is that, the child spend most of his/her time in learning the 3R's and does not acquire technical knowledge of subjects. Further, adequate emphasis is not laid on the aspects needed for developing the total personality of child i.e. the development of his Head, Hand and Heart. In short, what is lacking today is a holistic approach which is must for a child's growth and development.

        Who is to take on the responsibility? Is it the school which is to be held wholly responsible? Do the parents also have a role to play? These facts need to be analyzed before we find a solution to the problem facing us.

          The child spends a major portion of the day in the school or else spends his time at home doing the school assignments. The school is the second home for the child and teachers are like their mothers. Parents send their children to a good school and spend a good amount of their hard earned money in fees, in the fond hope and belief that the school will make their child develop into a good human being. They want their child should acquire the right knowledge and skills so that he/she can make a career for themselves. They expect the school to make their child academically brilliant, physical fit, mentally balanced, spiritually enlightened and aesthetically refined. The child should also develop a scientific temperament and the skill of logical reasoning.

         There is nothing wrong in the parent's expectation. We at CIA, promise to fulfill the expectations as our curriculum is designed to do so. We provide not only the best quality of formal education using the most modern methods of teaching, namely audio-visual aids and computers. But we also cater to the physical development of the child by providing good facilities for sports and games. Further, we also lay emphasis on human values, thus taking care of the moral and spiritual development of the child. Thus the students of our school will definitely stand out from the others in a group. They will be able to face the challenges of the modern world boldly and confidently and turn out to be an asset to the society and the nation at large.

         However, all this cannot be achieved by us in isolation. The parents also have to shoulder a bit of the responsibility. They should take an active interest in their child's development and teach their child the basic values and manners by providing a good and healthy environment at home. This is what we expect parents to do, so that our task becomes a little bit easier and successful.

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